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jessy cirio at age 12

Jessy at 12

Jessica Wanda Judith Cirio, Jesica Cirio, born in Lanus. Friends find the girl overactive, charismatic, sociable … her friend was the mirror! She loved story books, movies and musical dance shoes! She worked hart from an early age and grew every day, sticking hard to her dream. Every Christmas for the family she prepared a choreography with costumes and everything.

Jesica Cirio spent all week rehearsing and looking for her clothes to brighten the hearts of her loved ones.

Then .. The National School of Dance. So sticking a star … a mixture of charismatic babe little woman with fatal mixture of dance with high heels … she loved dancing, loved music, loved the stage.

Horacio Cirio her father, and her mother Marta Elisa Perutich. Two great people who contributed to everything that made Jessica what she is. Everyday they went to Jessy’s rehearsals, and did not miss anything. Her mother especially, accompanied and encouraged Jessy to enjoy a specialized but different dance instruction in Classical Dance, Tapps, flamenco, musical comedy, singing, theater, jazz, contemporary, piano and even circus school.

Her first steps were on TV with producer Mentasti. At age 10 she was one of the paquitas Las Tres Marias.  Look at the picture of her at age 12; she was already beautiful.

Tropical Passion Competition

Jessica at 16!

When she turned 15, graduated from the dance school, her mom gave her a piano. She liked and appreciated the piano, but there was something she wanted even more. She wanted new boobs!   She was already a princess, and spent most of her money in clothes and makeup; and trained like crazy in the gym ……

So she started dancing on some discs, to march, to show her freshness, her joy, her sculpted body.

Jesica Cirio was only 17 years old, but she scored on Leandro Rud Models. He started to march, to do photo shoots. Flashes loved her, but there was something else she wanted to succeed in: the theater. And the time soon came. A year later, the producer Daniel Comba’s contract for his work with The Penguin was Jorge and Miguel Angel Cherutti Ginzburg.

“Persevere and you will succeed” her mother said. “Try to help so you’ll achieve your goals.”

Later at 20 years old, she is a little person loved by everyone in the room. She already worked for countless brands like Cocot, Puma, Roberto Giordano, Ricky Sarcany, Ferrari, PridSoul, etc .; and made countless appearances on television such as Aspirin a Buenos Aires, who is the Head, Los Roldan, Planet Fashion; and I stood out in high drama was major as The Penguin in two seasons and Terminestor.

After a few months off and travel to Chile followed for parades and appearances on TV, she is consolidating in the Argentine market and stands out as host of KUBIK.

Jessica’s Scandals

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The model has had numerous scandals by the appearance of photos that may be of her days as a dancer in (strip or erotic) clubs in the south.

After the problems she had with her father Horacio Cirio, who tried claim her money for the family home, Jesica Cirio then faced a new scandal following the emergence of photos of her days as a dancer in clubs in the south.

stripper photos jessica cirio

Stripper or not??

The images show a very young Cirio, during an erotic performance: she appears in garters, boots, hair extensions lower quality to current and quite a different face.

According to the newspaper Very, the model returned from New York on Sunday and was seen at the Bombonera but did not comment on the images. However, in 2006, she admitted her early career when rumors related bailantera night began to appear.

“It was performances, acts of presence. Never did an erotic show,” she confessed at the time, however, the pictures show otherwise.

In 2008, the emergence of a video “portfolio”, dated 2001, also generated controversy. “Hello my life, I am Jesica,’m 16, I’m your blonde Lanús and I’m waiting Elegime!” Was the monologue presentation for a competition that chose the “tropical goddess” of the renowned “Passion Saturday” program.  Read more

At least she didn’t end up like the duggars.

Jésica Cirio y Martín Insaurralde se besan mientras lucen su libreta de familia … – lanacion.com (Argentina)

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Jésica Cirio y Martín Insaurralde se besan mientras lucen su libreta de familia …
lanacion.com (Argentina)
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Tinelli invitó a varios políticos al casamiento de Jessica Cirio
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